Prescott Area Pet Emergency Hospital prides itself on quality service and compassionate care to pets and their people.  If you are a proactive, caring, team-oriented individual, with a high attention to detail and an obsession for a clean, odor free environment, and wish to inquire about a position as a Veterinarian, Client Care Representative, Veterinary Nurse, or Veterinary Nurse Assistant, please email your curriculum vitae/resume with cover letter to or fax to 928-778-0063.

Please keep in mind that as an emergency hospital, our hours vary from daytime veterinary practices.  We are open 24/7, including holidays.  If you cannot work those hours, please do not apply.

If we are not currently hiring for the position, we will keep your resume on file.

Job Descriptions


The primary responsibilities of the Client Care Representative are to perform all activities concerned with client relations and front desk organization including:

  • Acknowledge and greet clients in a timely and friendly fashion
  • Answer telephones and relaying messages when appropriate
  • Telephone triage of patients
  • Provide clientele with estimates; explain deposits required policy and payment options
  • Complete client paperwork accurately, including consent forms
  • Accurate computer entry of client and patient data for all incoming cases
  • Complete paperwork for patient discharge including collection of payments
  • Explain itemized receipts to clients in person or via the telephone
  • Follow-up with clients to check on the status of a patient previously released
  • Scan and transfer (fax or email) records to RDVMs and verify information was received
  • Notification of technical/professional staff of arrival of patients, including those with immediate medical needs
  • Keep the client comfort area clean and stocked with appropriate hospitality items
  • Assure cleanliness of reception area/rest room
  • Arrange for sympathy card and other client remembrances
  • Notify clients who had elected individual cremation for their pets of the availability of the remains
  • Inventory of front desk supplies
  • Perform additional duties as requested and supervised by the veterinarian(s), hospital manager, or nurse manager


The primary responsibilities of the Certified Veterinary Technicians are to support patient care activities by direct involvement with medical, surgical and diagnostic procedures. Duties include:

  • Safe restraint of patients for other team members
  • Perform properly identified radiographs including processing
  • Venipuncture at multiple access points (jugular, cephalic, saphenous)
  • Operate diagnostic lab equipment
  • Perform CBCs, UAs, fecals, chemistries
  • Perform in-house lab tests – parvo, FeLV, ethylene glycol, etc.
  • Placement of peripheral and central IV lines
  • Monitor fluid therapy with pumps and flow meters
  • Nursing care of hospitalized patients and basic husbandry
  • Administer medications – oral and injectables
  • Inform doctors of change in patient status
  • Update client on the status of their pet during his/her stay at the hospital (test results, treatment options, etc.)
  • Maintain patient medical records in a clear, concise and professionally worded manner
  • Use of monitoring devises – ECG, pulse ox, Doppler, etc.
  • Surgical assistance – both as a non-sterile assistant and a scrub nurse
  • Assist with anesthesia – able to intubate dogs and cats, and keep appropriate records
  • Basic understanding of anesthetic machine and different circuits
  • Perform regular maintenance of anesthetic machine
  • Preparation of pharmaceutical items to be dispensed
  • Preparation of sterile fluids, injectables, etc.
  • Track and order inventory/supplies for clinic
  • Client education involving discharge, follow-up and post op
  • Bandaging, splinting and wound care
  • Perform CSR job functions when CSR is not on duty
  • Assist in public relation functions and clinic marketing
  • Perform additional duties as requested and supervised by the veterinarian(s), hospital manager, or nurse manager